Go2 products for home-care

I recommend these products to my people on a budget. As always, a special shout out to Sheena’s Hair Care for using natural and organic ingredients to care for your curls and curly styling.

Sheena’s Hair Care uses natural and organic ingredients to reduces build up and the clogging of pores. The line is complete with three simple formulas Sheena’s; Hydrate leave-in cleanser, Nourish leave-in conditioner and Strengthen leave-in protein treatment. Sheena’s Hair Care is made and manufactured in Canada and can be purchased online.


TRESemme Naturals is affordable and effective. I recommend lightweight, sulphate-free and non silicone based ingredients for shampooing and conditioning kinks and curls. To winterize my hair I use large twists then lather up each section with TRESemme Naturals conditioner mixed w/ distilled water and glycerin for a deep moisture treatment. I use almond oil as my sealing oil sit for an hour and rinse with water.

When I work with heat, to prep, silicone base ingredients are recommended to prolong the life of my straight styles. I recommend Pantene Smooth collection and heat styling sprays like Red-E to go. A silicon based product offers a layer of protection and prevents moisture from complicating your sleek style. Use a quality deep conditioning treatment like Joico’s K-PAK protein rich conditioner after heat styling to fortify strands. These tips will produce your most predictable and long lasting results.


  1. Dont forget your coconut oils and shea butters to seal and lock in moisture at anytime. Nourish contains these delicious ingredients! The line uses vitamins and botanical herbs to rejuvenate and refresh the scalp and hair. Happy hair everyday.

  2. Cold weather and SHC ~ The science.
    Cold temperatures may tighten the cuticle layer of the hair making it difficult for Nourish, leave-in conditioners, with pH 4.5-5 to penetrate. Using SHC ~Hydrate with a pH 6.5 helps to balance the hair making it soft, smooth and ready to absorb moisture. 

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