Hello Bloggers! This was an interesting topic for me, posted by my hair crush Chime Edwards @ I ask the question “Are their do’s and dont’s for kinky coily hair?”

My Question to Chime and other experienced naturals. Should their be a standard for new naturals? What are the staple style options? What is the formula?

My experience in class: A girl in beauty class embraces her natural hair. She is now one of two rocking natural texture. The other is ME*. I’v been natural for four years and offer her tips on style and care when she asks. Her hair is damaged and often looks un-kept. Sacrificing “good hair”(healthy hair) for length she sits in class with picks and styling tools jammed in her hair.. It seems inappropriate. I admire her car-free approach but Im mildly offended. Am i being silly?


Any thoughts or suggestions on this? …please leave your comments below.


  1. I think we all agree the braid-out and twist-out are standard in kinky coily care maintenance. Id like to add, as an experienced natural, that “good hair” is healthy hair. I think the kinky coily guide, should revolve around this basic rule to start.

  2. Keeping the hair and scalp fresh and clean must be a standard of practice. Generally, women with wool like or “kinky” textured hair, have less experience caring for their natural coils. The expectation that newly naturals should know better is not realistic, at this time. Education and better examples in the media are available. As an expert you can assume responsibility, recommend product and method during consultation, offer examples of styles and accessories they can use with ease. If they are under 18 suggest a consultation that parents can be present in.

  3. Its not entirely “addiction” to twist & braid outs. We don’t believe its about accomplishing the perfect curl either. For “kinks”, in the 4abc category, its all about avoiding shrinkage. The SHC line promotes especially not allowing the hair to shrink, kink or coil upon itself. It requires excessive handling and often causes unnecessary breakage. The method of using twists, braids and banding simply reduces negative effects.

  4. I Avoid shrinkage at all cost, unless you’re rocking a curly girl(CG) wash & go, or a teeny weeny afro(TWA). I tried the CG wash & go, didn’t enjoy the detangle session after. or massive amounts of dried conditioner sitting on my hair. I avoid styles that shrink my hair to its max (up to 75%). I use SHC’s product and methods to keep my hair “stretched” clean and moisturized.

  5. I’m not addicted to twist outs or the perfect definition. I don’t allow my hair to shrink more than 50%. Two reasons, easy to maintain and less tangles. I use coconut oil between Nourish and Hydrate sessions. I set my hair in big chunky twist often, the result is closer to my natural curl with more control..Low maintenance doesn’t mean care free.

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