Style Update

Salon Styling

A stylist that knows the properties of the scalp and hair is better equipped to help you get The Look. A quality salon practice operates with this knowledge to ensure the integrity of your hair and style. There is no “one way fits all” and as the curly hair market evolves we are accepting this as a fact. Schedule a consultation with your stylist to get the details on how to care for your hair between wash days and salon visits. Watch a quick video tutorial on Wash & Blow dry styling.

Short & SexySoft TextureBlow Dry Set

Texture Bending

My approach to hair is care first style after. Using heat and chemicals to enhance the natural beauty of your hair while respecting limitations. I use hot tools on freshly washed and clarified hair for three reasons.

  1. To stretch new growth
  2. To dry with equal moisture distribution
  3. To Blow-out Style

Chemicals are use within three levels of your natural colour or texture to guarantee a safe and sustainable application. I use quality product and hot tools like the Dyson blow dryer and Chi irons, with ionic heat technology. Quality products that reduce moisture or enhance it depending on the style you wish to achieve.

Before & After Style – By Sheena

In the before and after image below mannequin hair gets a wash & blow dry style. I use Eufora’s Beautifying Serum and a bore bristle brush to smooth and shine the hair. I recommend Sheena’s Strengthening treatment Gel after heat use or texture bending to fortify strands and reduce the appearance damage .

Quick tip: blow-dry hair 92% to avoid static and fly aways. Allow hair to air dry 8% then set with a flexible hold hair spray to finish.


Above limp dull hair comes to life and increased volume.



Above before and after. I used a finger-twist curl set to minimize volume and accentuate a spiral curl definition.

Quick tip: After setting finger-twist curls diffuse to dry and set. Once hair is dry you may separate individual twist curl to desired volume.

In the image below we work toward healthy looking hair with a cut to reduce split ends and balance uneven growth while adding shape and volume. I take a Sassoon classic approach to correct uneven lengths and damage.


Playing with texture


Above I create shapes with minimal product and styling tools for an effortless finish. Infusing hydration to build volume and texture.

My Style Inspiration

Style &Cultureinspirationinspiration style inspirationmedium_hair_vidal_sassoon

CUT. COLOUR. STYLE. I excel when it comes to the cut. I know layers and shape well. I use good technique to accomplish The Look. (below image before and after)

salon projectbefore&after

Below adding round layers to lift and add volume through the crown. (below image before and after)


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