Me & Style Philosophy


I’m Sheena, I manage the cosmetic research and development process at Sheena’s Hair Care. I have industry experience working behind the chair in salon and several years sourcing beauty tools and products for retail.  Contact Me  with any question or to schedule a conversation to discuss style, beauty or products. Also, a fun side project I’m working on now; My Closet’Your Closet. Purchase or trade fashion items and accessories, view catalog

In my professional opinion good hair is healthy hair, Sheena’s brand and products work to improve the manageability and condition of curly hair. The foundation of healthy hair starts at the scalp, roots and strands of your hair. To achieve “Good Hair” one must understand its inherent nature and properties. Sheena’s approach to hair and style is simple, holistic and organic.

A few examples of holistic & organic style.

Just be. ~Your perfect “imperfections” in plain sight. This may be your most natural defence. Embrace it* and keep those in your circle who do too.
Work it! Use bold accessories and natural texture ~ It’s your true nature.
When its real, Go all the way! Have fun with accessories and make-up. Style is limitless~

If you’re a salon owner, stylist or curly hair enthusiast and wish to learn more about curly hair products and methods please contact Me.

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