On October 6 2014 I visited Toronto Ontario for the first time to study Sassoon style and technique. After completing my certificate with Vidal Sassoon I returned three months later to live and work in the city under Sassoon stylist. I worked and apprenticed under Canadas top stylist and colour technicians for several two year until I was ready to peruse my own business full time. Making it my number one priority to offer a quality product and simple methods to salon professionals who care for curls. My greatest success is meeting this industry of professionals and educated consumer with knowledge and quality products that work at home and in salon.

Above, Sassoon stylist and educators showcase classic and creative looks. So pure. No frills no gimmick – Vidal Sassoon.

Above I use Sassoon classic technique, Round Graduation to basically eliminate a weight line. For a super soft and airy finish best suited for this client. I love the precision of Sassoon cuts. The use of hard and/or soft lines to define shapes and movement is genius.

Above, is my attempt to correct a cut intended to be an angular bob. The client wanted to soften a dramatic, jagged angle and transition into a more traditional one length bob. This corrective cut produced a gradual one length bob with a soft weight line in the nape. I used Sassoon lines with  Graduation to blend and sculpt the shape.

I am a stylist with specialized certification and knowledge of cosmetic formulation.

My professional career continues to develop and grow with me. Now with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry Im honoured to be able to give something back. A portion of every sale, from product or service, I make is gifted back into the community for the professional growth and entrepreneurial development of others. As I continue to strive to meet my personal and professional goals I’m committed to having that ‘net positive’ effect on my community.

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Image result for salon education imagesSalons and beauty professionals looking to practice curly hair methods that celebrate beauty &diversity of hair, reach out to me for training. Sheena’s Hair Care users are thrilled at the quality and results achieved in salon and at home.

Sheena’s Hair Care products are a unique point of  interests and conversation in salon. Encouraging hair discussion around education and style that boost retail sales.

If you’re a salon owner, stylist or curly hair enthusiast and wish to learn more about curly hair products and methods please contact Me.