In fall of 2014, I visited Toronto Ontario for the first time to study Sassoon cutting style and technique. After completing my certificate I returned three months later to live and work in the city. I worked, while completing my journeyman apprenticeship in hairstyling, under Canada’s top stylist and colour technicians for an additional two years until I was ready to peruse my own business full time.

Above, I work with models to showcase my technique and knowledge of Sassoon classic style cutting. I incorporate a classic finger-wave, learned in hairstyling school, to make this look my own.

Above I use Sassoon classic cutting technique in Round Graduation to eliminate a weight line and soften the effect of a bob cut. It’s a soft and airy finish, i think, more suitable for fine hair. I love the precision of a Sassoon cut. knowing what you’re going to get and finishing it to your preference is powerful. The use of hard and/or soft lines to define shapes and movement is genius.

Above, is my early work in salon cutting mens hair and my experience correcting a cut intended to be an ‘angular bob’. The client wanted to soften a dramatic and jagged angle, previously cut. To do that we transitioned this cut into a more traditional one length bob with soft layers. This corrective cut produced a gradual one length bob with a softened weight line in the nape. I used Sassoon lines with  Graduation to blend and sculpt the shape.

I am a licensed stylist with Sassoon certification and experience. I manufacture Sheena’s Hair Care products for retail.

My portfolio today includes three cosmetic formulas Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen. I manage the cosmetic research and development at Sheena’s Hair Care and source consumer goods for retail. I work in digital marketing professionally and i am a digital nomad.

For a custom beauty experience contact me

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