Beauty and Bronze

The Art and Science of Accomplishing goals on a budget.

I was a natural athlete growing up on Canada’s west coast, surrounded by nature. It wasn’t a difficult transition; school, sports to fitness & nutrition in college. Then an eight year personal training career. Finally reaching the apex of my fitness performance in competition, I continued my education at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I wondered after all this athletic achievement would I continue on this path to becoming a Doctor of Nutrition.

After achieving my goal

I took some time to imagine my future professionally. By this time, I already had twelve years of school, work experience and professional achievement under my belt. I was ‘net positive’ working and playing within my respective career.

Moral of this story! Explore the options within your chosen field of study. Become a minor or major expert and reach the apex of each milestone. Accomplish one goal at a time.

What ever you choose to do give yourself time, have fun and make money while you do it!