A little Inspiration

Beauty and Bronze

Go to work achieving your Goals. I always wanted to participate in fitness and beauty competition so I made Fitness & Nutrition my background and fully immersed myself in the experience.


This is how I achieved my goal.

Get to work experiencing your field of interest first hand. Become a minor or major expert and reach your goal one step at a time. I was a natural athlete and always active in sports, this made picking my post secondary education easy. After completing a two year diploma in Fitness & Nutrition I continued my education on the job. I studied alternative fields in The Physiology of Aging and got my personal training license to increase my earning potential. I felt very confident training myself for fitness and figure competition while seeking inspiration and advice from professional competitors.

What ever you do give yourself time, have fun and make a little money while you learn!


  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Very inspiring! What an interesting thorough approach ~go to school, go study it, and earn while you learn. And admit semi expert… Honest, wise. Beauty and health should be seen as other high quality character of humans and not dismissed as irrelevant going politically, socially, economically, family forward. Mass momentum of Society always speak to this through action. I am just seeing this post. Thank you for posting it!

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