Why Nourish

ABOUT Nourish by Sheena’s Hair Care.

Click the image below for YT video Featuring Sheena’s Hair Care and The CurlBar Salon Experience with Salon Owner.


Why Nourish

Sheena's Nourish



Salon Education with Nourish

We moved to Toronto Canada in 2015 after completing a fifteen month beauty program at Louis Riel’s Arts & Technology Centre. I had three cosmetic formulas complete with cosmetic notification numbers, TM branded and ready for distribution. I moved to Toronto to gain hands-on salon experience and learn from top salon brands and professional in Canada. These fertile grounds enabled me to experience hair, products and beauty tips that would further help me define Sheena’s brand message and strategy.

My style and our brand philosophy align with nature and the sophistication of simplicity. I now teach salon and beauty professionals in the GTA Sheena’s haircare product and methods. Beauty professionals that study curly haircare and styling reach out to me for product and training. To incorporate our brand philosophy, now over ten years old, back into the tapestry that is curly hair knowledge and practices is a complete honour.

Sheena’s greatest success is meeting your curly hair expectations at home and in salon.

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