A little Inspiration | Sheena Style
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A little Inspiration

A little Inspiration

Beauty and Brawn, The Art and Science of Accomplishing My Professional Goals.

I was a natural athlete growing up on Canada’s west coast, surrounded by nature and a call to the beauty and wildness of the outdoors. It wasn’t a difficult transition, from playing competitive sport to fitness & nutrition in college I simultaneously pursued a career in personal training and fitness modelling. Upon reaching the apex of my professional fitness career, I naturally looked to complete my education at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I wondered after all, would I continue on this path to becoming a doctor of nutrition and sports medicine…

Knowing myself, I pursue my professional goals experientially!

I took a moment to visualize my future professionally, by this time, already having ten years of school and work experience, I felt a level of accomplishment that was sufficient for me. Im ready to try something new! I’m healthy and ambitious with enough savings to take some calculated risk.

Moral of this story!

Discover your nature and explore the options within your chosen field of study. Consider something new if there is any curiosity.

Become a minor or major expert in your chosen field, accomplishing one goal at a time. What ever you choose give yourself time, have fun and make money while you do it!