A Touch of Ridiculous - Shiny Gold Shoes | Sheena Style
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A Touch of Ridiculous – Shiny Gold Shoes

A Touch of Ridiculous – Shiny Gold Shoes

I never want to take myself too seriously, especially when it comes to fashion. Some things I want to wear just because I love them; they make me feel happy, and among all the things that fashion should be, i think happy has got to be one of them. Sometimes, happiness as a garment is also ridiculous, but happiness is a kind of ridiculousness, isn’t it? It’s 15° today with a high of 19°, and here I go again, bespeak my unique approach to transitional winter-to-spring style. I relish the moment to meet this challenge, as this year’s capsule features a new jacket, ridiculous shiny gold shoes, and a trending seasonal colour palette.

In essence, my fashion philosophy revolves around embracing joy and individuality. I believe that clothing should evoke happiness and reflect one’s unique personality, even if it means embracing a touch of the ridiculous. Today, as I transition winter to spring, I’m thrilled to show up in this classic denim medley; animated by knit sleeves that give cozy and a pop of colour. This jacket, as featured in the above image, delivers so many looks and gives new life to old threads in ways that celebrate the seasons ahead. Each outfit presents an opportunity to express myself and uplift my spirits, in relation to the weather and with consideration of trending norms.


The ridiculous and the joyous!