Image result for salon education imagesSalons and beauty professionals are on the cutting edge, exploring trends and diversifying their knowledge of hair and styling. As the curly sector of the beauty industry grows Sheena’s Hair Care remains a contributor of product and info supporting that growth.

Sheena’s Hair Care products are a unique point of  interests and conversation in salon. Encouraging hair discussion around product education and style. Boost your bottom line with better retail product!

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Sheena's Nourish


I moved east across the country to Toronto Ontario in 2015 to complete my hairstyling journeyman apprenticeship under Vidal Sassoon stylist and colour technicians. I had three cosmetic formulas complete, trademarked and branded, ready for the Canadian market place. Toronto, a world fashion hub and financial centre for trade, the perfect testing ground to gain competitive advantage and experience. Learning under top salon brands and professionals in this $7.5M dollar industry fortified my product knowledge and confidence in our brand.

Sheena’s style and brand philosophy align with nature and the sophistication of simplicity. Six years later I teach and collaborate in salon with beauty professionals across the country. Sheena’s haircare product and methods work to care for fine, cottony, curls; a unique curl type that we are dedicated to treating and styling with our line of haircare products.

Sheena’s greatest success is meeting your curly hair expectations at home and in salon.

Beauty and Bronze

The Art and Science of Accomplishing goals on a budget.

I was a natural athlete growing up on Canada’s west coast, surrounded by nature and a call to the outdoors. It wasn’t a difficult transition; school athlete to fitness & nutrition in college. I simultaneously pursued a career in fitness, personal training and competitive fitness modelling. Finally reaching the apex of my fitness performance, I continued my education at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I wondered after all, would I continue on this path to becoming a doctor of nutrition and/or sports medicine…

After achieving my fitness goals in the industry,

I took a moment and imagined my future professionally. By this time, already having ten years of school and work experience, I felt a level of satisfaction personally and professionally that was sufficient to me. I was ‘net positive’ and ambitious, with savings to take some calculated risk

Moral of this story!

Explore the options within your chosen field of study. Consider something new, if there is any question.

Become a minor or major expert in your chosen field, accomplishing one goal at a time.

What ever you choose give yourself time, have fun and make money while you do it!

In fall of 2014, I visited Toronto Ontario for the first time to study Sassoon cutting style and technique. After completing my certificate I returned three months later to live and work in the city. I worked, while completing my journeyman apprenticeship in hairstyling, under Canada’s top stylist and colour technicians for an additional two years until I was ready to peruse my own business full time.

Above, I work with models to showcase my technique and knowledge of Sassoon classic style cutting. I incorporate a classic finger-wave, learned in hairstyling school, to make this look my own.

Above I use Sassoon classic cutting technique in Round Graduation to eliminate a weight line and soften the effect of a bob cut. It’s a soft and airy finish, i think, more suitable for fine hair. I love the precision of a Sassoon cut. knowing what you’re going to get and finishing it to your preference is powerful. The use of hard and/or soft lines to define shapes and movement is genius.

Above, is my early work in salon cutting mens hair and my experience correcting a cut intended to be an ‘angular bob’. The client wanted to soften a dramatic and jagged angle, previously cut. To do that we transitioned this cut into a more traditional one length bob with soft layers. This corrective cut produced a gradual one length bob with a softened weight line in the nape. I used Sassoon lines with  Graduation to blend and sculpt the shape.

I am a stylist with Sassoon certification and knowledge of cosmetic formula.

My career today includes three cosmetic formulas that work to treat and style fine, cottony curls as well as travel for collaboration and salon eduction. Now with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry Im honoured to be able to give something back. A portion of product sales are gifted back into the community for the professional growth and entrepreneurial development of others in the industry. As I continue to strive and meet my professional goals in this industry, that i love so much, I’m committed to having that ‘net positive’ effect on the community.

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I’m Sheena, I manage the cosmetic research and development process at Sheena’s Hair Care. I have industry experience working behind the chair in salon and several years sourcing beauty tools and products for retail.  Contact Me  with any question or to schedule a conversation to discuss style, beauty or products. Also, a fun side project I’m working on now; My Closet’Your Closet. Purchase or trade fashion items and accessories, view catalog

In my professional opinion good hair is healthy hair, Sheena’s brand and products work to improve the manageability and condition of curly hair. The foundation of healthy hair starts at the scalp, roots and strands of your hair. To achieve “Good Hair” one must understand its inherent nature and properties. Sheena’s approach to hair and style is simple, holistic and organic.

A few examples of holistic & organic style.

Just be. ~Your perfect “imperfections” in plain sight. This may be your most natural defence. Embrace it* and keep those in your circle who do too.

Work it! Use bold accessories and natural texture ~ It’s your true nature.

When its real, Go all the way! Have fun with accessories and make-up. Style is limitless~

If you’re a salon owner, stylist or curly hair enthusiast and wish to learn more about curly hair products and methods please contact Me.

Art. Culture. Beauty. Entertainment ~Sheena Style


Meet ~Benjamin Clementine.


My Musical Icons impact culture the way a meteor impacts the Earth.


Shouts out to the late miss Nina Simon.. ~Love Always 


“What power from below” – Klaus Nomi

The Cold Song




Some say Metallica’s not Metal

Gaga May Not Be Metal  ~BUT~  SHE’S A LIVE-WIRE.


GRAMMY’S 2017 – Beyonce is A Supreme Being.


IVY Be like “What!”

~She is so fly – Loved her pink two piece suit!

What does Couture say about Fashion say about Culture?: I enjoyed these wonderfully coordinated expressions of fashion and opinion at 2017 Grammies. I was inspired to share. These three in my opinion describe American Culture most accurately.

BALLS / TALANT / INSANITY.  ~ American Fashion makes a Statement!

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…A Video Journal.


Fresh Dressed Couture

“Fresh Dressed” trailer (2015)


Sheenas booklet pg 7


This line incorporates the science of hair and over a decade of personal and professional use in salon. Sheena’s Hair Care products are available in participating salon locations across Canada and recommend by stylist who care for curly hair. Sheena’s approach to hair is care first style after to maintain the integrity and quality of your hair. Sheena’s Hair Care offers three formulas Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen. These formulas work to condition, cleanse and fortify your strands using natures best ingredients. I personally guarantee my clients satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase you may return it for a full refund.

The Blow Dry Set: Get quality and style in less time. A salon that understands the properties of the scalp and hair can help you get the look. We recommend using a salon that practices healthy hair management, utilizing tools and methods that maintain the integrity of your hair. Consult with your stylist to get the details on how to wash & blow dry in salon and at home. Watch a quick video tutorial on Wash & Blow dry styling.

Short & SexySoft TextureBlow Dry Set

My approach to hair is care first style after. Using hot tools with a light weight heat protectant, like eufora’s Beautifying Serum, offers style and healthy hair benefits. In the before and after image below mannequin hair gets a wash & blow dry style. I use beautifying serum and a bore bristle brush to smooth and shine the hair. I recommend Sheena’s Strengthening treatment after heat use or texture bending to fortify strands and reduce the appearance damage .

Quick tip: blow-dry hair only 92% to avoid static and fly aways. Allow hair to air dry 8% then set with a flexible hold hair spray to finish.


Above limp dull hair comes to life and maximize volume.



Above before and after. I used a twist curl set to minimize volume and accentuate curl definition.

Quick tip: After setting twist curls diffuse to dry and set. Once hair is dry you may separate individual twist curl to desired volume.

In the image below we work toward healthy looking hair with a cut that reduces split ends, adds volume and shape. I take a Sassoon classic approach to correct uneven lengths and damage.


Playing with texture


Above I create shapes with minimal product and styling tools for an effortless finish.

My Style Inspiration

Style &Cultureinspirationinspiration style inspirationmedium_hair_vidal_sassoon

CUT. COLOUR. STYLE. (below image are before and after)

salon projectbefore&after

Below adding round layers to lift and volumize. (below image before and after)


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Mens Tapered

Will2-260x400MensimagesTapered texture

The mens taper, shear over comb ~A traditional approach to the cut. A barbering technique used to gradually fade and shape both men and women’s hair. Images below feature my early work and knack for cutting mens hair.  I use the tools in my kit to customize and finish the look.

beforeMe + Mens cutafterMe + Men's taper



Final look below


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Hello Bloggers! This was an interesting topic for me, posted by my hair crush Chime Edwards @ I ask the question “Are their do’s and dont’s for kinky coily hair?”

My Question to Chime and other experienced naturals. Should their be a standard for new naturals? What are the staple style options? What is the formula?

My experience in class: A girl in beauty class embraces her natural hair. She is now one of two rocking natural texture. The other is ME*. I’v been natural for four years and offer her tips on style and care when she asks. Her hair is damaged and often looks un-kept. Sacrificing “good hair”(healthy hair) for length she sits in class with picks and styling tools jammed in her hair.. It seems inappropriate. I admire her car-free approach but Im mildly offended. Am i being silly?


Any thoughts or suggestions on this? …please leave your comments below.