Blow Drying Natural Hair | Sheena Style
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Blow Drying Natural Hair

Blow Drying Natural Hair

Salon Styling, a stylist that knows the properties of the scalp and hair is better equipped to help you get your best look. A quality salon operates with this knowledge to ensure the integrity of your hair stay intact. There is no one way fits all! As the curly hair market evolves we must accept this fact. Schedule a consultation with your stylist to get the best advice on how to care for and style your hair. What accessories, methods and tools do you use to accomplish hair health and longevity.

Get Top Recommended Hair Tools

Experience first hand Canadian Natural beauty and lifestyle events. Deep dive with me into the world of product and beauty tools as seen on the exhibition floor and red carpet at these special events

Tension Method Blow-Dry

Watch our hair crush Alicia James demonstrate one of our most frequently used haircare at home techniques.

Before & After Style – By Sheena

In the before and after image below mannequin hair gets a wash & blow dry style. I use Eufora’s Beautifying Serum and a bore bristle brush to smooth and shine the hair. I recommend Sheena’s Strengthening treatment Gel after heat use and texture bending to fortify strands and reduce the appearance damage .

Quick tip: blow-dry hair up to 90% to avoid static and fly aways. Allow hair to air dry 10% then set with a flexible hold hair spray to finish.


(Above) Limp dull hair comes to life with increased volume and shine.