Beauty School Project


Tapered and Layered – Creative vs Traditional

The mens taper, shear over comb ~A traditional approach to the cut. A barbering technique used to gradually fade and shape both men and women’s hair. Images below feature my early work and knack for cutting mens hair.  I use the tools in my kit to customize and finish the look.

Will2-260x400MensimagesTapered texture

Below are examples of different tapered and layered hair cuts using traditional barbering


Mens Tapered Haircut – Before


Mens Tapered Haircut – After

Me + Men's taper

Front View

Beauty and Hair School

Mannequin Work Student Project

Class Project

Project Complete – Mannequin After Cut and Colour

Hair and Beauty School

Before Round Layers with Highlights

SheenaStyle Class Project

Full Round Layers – After

SheenaStyle Cut

Advanced to Angular-Bob with Highlights

Hair School

Challenging cowlick and growth patters

Mens Tapered Haircut - After

Smooth Tapered Cut – Using a combination of clipper and scissor over comb.

RichardMANC - Before

Mannequin Student Project


Classic Pompadour style using traditional barbering technique


After – Back View of Pompadour Style


Senior and apprenticing stylist are available for schedule haircut and style.