DIY: Beauty and hair care for the apocalypse | Sheena Style
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DIY: Beauty and hair care for the apocalypse

DIY: Beauty and hair care for the apocalypse

The world now teeters on the brink, mild encroachments begin to manifest in the lives of individuals. The once-abundant resources seemingly dwindle and the luxuries once easily accessible become scarce. Yet, the desire to preserve beauty and self-care routines remain undeterred.

DIY methods using coconut oil and avocado treatments become popular as people embrace the wonders of nature. Using crushed leaves, infused oils, and homemade masks to revitalize the hair and skin. Natural pigments from flowers and root extracts, allow unique and resourceful makeup looks.

The Encroachment

First we lost our connection to nature, trading natural remedies with whole ingredients and plant properties for more industrious factory brands and robust machine productivity.

Amidst the encroaching effects of this impending doom, beauty routines become a means of adaptation and self-expression, reminding people of their inner strength and creativity.

The Solution

Beauty of the apocalypse is embracing nature and resourcefulness. Prioritizing sustainable and ethically sourced products like Sheena’s Hair Care will not only contribute to personal well-being but also support a more resilient and environmentally conscious future.