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Drug Store Beauty

Drug Store Beauty

When accessing your favourite beauty product is not an option consider these drug store brand, beauty tips and hacks for your skin and hair.

We know how it is

you’re on the road, going places and you can’t take it all with you. Living the nomadic life between homes, wardrobes and salon visits, it’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make for adventure that calls.

If you’re anything like me your mascara already doubles as a brow booster and your contour makeup brush will apply your concealer. My most handy “swiss army knife” product is organic coconut oil. Coconut oil removes makeup, replaces my shea butter cream and mixes well with water in my hair to seal moisture. Coconut oil is everything I know and love about natural beauty products and ingredients.

Sheena’s Hair Care

Sheena’s Nourish Leave-in Conditioner for curly hair. Works in place of a traditional conditioner when on the road, except you don’t wash this conditioner out.

Drug Store Brands

Deep cleaning foam cleanser for skin.
Witch Hazel Spry Toner. After cleansing the face use this formula to shrink the pores of the skin.
Cream Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Drug Store Haircare

Bronner Brother’s “creamy” soap bars are nice for the skin and hair plus they travel well. A lightweight sulphate-free conditioner with glycerine and/or aloe vera plant extract, as one of the first five ingredients, will double as a wash-out or leave-in conditioner. Find coconut oil at any drug or grocery store and layer it in, on the skin and hair when needed.

Drug Store Skin

For all your facial skin cleansing needs think twice. With a cream cleanser like the Clearasil Cleansing Cream Wash with Salicylic Acid 2%, to smooth complexion. A sudsing cleansers like Biore’s sudsing Jelly Cleanser with Yuzu Lemon + Ginseng, offers a deep clean. Witch hazel toner after washing and before adding moisturizer close the pores and gives a fresh shine. Don’t forget a moisturizing SPF and FPS 15 to 30 sun screen, like Neutrogena moisture oil-free sunscreen for light weight coverage.

Happy Travels!