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In fall of 2014, I visited Toronto to study Sassoon cut, style and technique. After completing my study with Sassoon I returned three months later to live and work in the city. I worked, while completing my journeyman apprenticeship, under Canada’s top stylist and colour technicians at Vidal Sassoon and later with CurlBar beauty salon, until I was ready to peruse my own business full time.

I use much of Sassoon colour and cut technique in my work today. I use round graduation to eliminate weight lines and understand cutting shapes into the hair. A conversation with my client revolves around that individuals life and style goals. I enjoy the discovery and knowledge that comes with a clear outlined approach. I love precision cutting the Sassoon way, I continue to incorporate Sassoon knowledge and technique.


I am a licensed stylist with Sassoon certification and curly wash&go style experience. I manufacture Sheena’s Hair Care product for retail and source beauty and cosmetic tools for curls.

My portfolio today includes three cosmetic formulas; Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen. I manage the cosmetic research and development at Sheena’s Hair Care and source consumer goods for retail in the curly hair and beauty space. I work from home and abroad, i maybe considered a digital nomad.

For a custom beauty experience or if you are looking for affiliate opportunity with Sheena’s contact me