CURLS: Are You Addicted To Twist-Outs?

Curly Hair Do's and Dont's

CURLS: Are You Addicted To Twist-Outs?


Hello Friends! This was an interesting topic to me posted by my then hair crush Chime Edwards. I ask the question: Are there do’s and dont’s for kinky curly hair? If not, aught there be?

My curiosity to explore curly hair custom and rituals was born out of the experience i had that lead me to the question. Could there be a recognized custom for new naturals? What are the staple style options natural curls go-to?

My experience in Beauty School: A young woman, the only one of two now including me, embracing her natural texture. I had been natural for four years confident enough to offer a few tips on style and care options. Her hair is damaged from chemical relaxer and years of tension styling so it looks “un-kept” as she sacrifices good healthy looking hair for length. She sits in class with picks and styling tools jammed in her hair, It seems inappropriate. I can appreciate her car-free approach but Im mildly offended. Am i being silly?


Any thoughts or suggestions on this, please leave your comments below.