Rihanna Made This Faux Fur Hat Style A Must, You Owe Yourself to Try | Sheena Style
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Rihanna Made This Faux Fur Hat Style A Must, You Owe Yourself to Try

Rihanna Made This Faux Fur Hat Style A Must, You Owe Yourself to Try

Yes, we prefer shopping local, sustainable and ethical but growing up black in Canada‘s north west makes the hunt for beauty tools and accessories that work and are of necessity, a pride and joy. So, I mean business with these AliExpress and Amazon recommendations. Here are my top hat picks from said platforms.

Hats that carry you through four seasons, heat, cold and everything in between. These hats are stylish and durable, even serving multi-purpose use. For snowbird and digital nomad types these hats will exceed your travel expectations. This double duty bucket hat uses microfibre materials and comes in multiple colours, serving fun and function. The terry towel soaks up moisture after a swim and a hard days work. It even offering shade while you sit poolside in sun.

Cool and Casual

The bucket hat is all the rave this year, making the SheenaStyle blog post top pick list, so necessary. Each bucket hat listed is a play on cult classic style that makes a statement!

The denim bucket hat with large adjustable wire brim fits large for better sun protection and shade. The wire makes the brim flexible so you can adjust to your preference.

Ok! Rihanna makes this luxury over-sized faux fur fluff style bucket hat a must, you owe it to yourself to try. This bold and beautiful play brings the drama and pink, grey and black are the colours i recommend. Try wearing this hat in the summer and not breaking a sweat.

Finally, I love this multi-coloured woven bucket hat, unique and effortlessly serving shade. It sits lower on the head and stays double cool in a breeze. This version of the bucket hat offers pops of colour and delivers on style.