Roller Set Styling for Medium-Fine Curly hair | Sheena Style
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Roller Set Styling for Medium-Fine Curly hair

Roller Set Styling for Medium-Fine Curly hair

For no Breakage – texture bending, to gently stretch and alter medium-fine curls we experiment with the roller-set, braid-set and twist-set for low heat styling and haircare for curls. Curly clients can expect long lasting, full bodied waves that require minimal maintenance. These various sets preserve the life and style of medium-fine texture curls, up to ten days.

Roller Set Wet Set

Transform limp, flat hair into voluminous moisture rich curls. To start, set hair in rollers while the hair is wet, add a settling lotion or leave-in conditioner before setting each curl. Hood-dry using ionic heat allow hair to dry up to fifty precent, depending on curl texture. Blow dry with nozzel root to mid-shaft to lightly stretch the root of your hair, let hair dry then remove rollers. Add a light oil to seal moisture and style.

Try Finger Coils

Finger-coils are set while the hair is wet using a leave-in conditioner and yes, the coils are set with your fingers when installing on type 3b textures and up. Defuse on medium and cool heat to dry, apply a light out to lightly stretch and seal your finger-coil set.