Roller Set – Wet Set

Roller Set – Wet Set

Texture Bending

I experiment with the roller set as a go to option for low heat styling. My clients can expect long lasting, full bodied curls that require no heat maintenance. If preserved well, this style can last up to two weeks.

note: Alternatively, we use twist-sets and braid-sets to modify the natural texture of curls.

Below are before and after images of my roller set work. I love the full body and curl.

Roller Set RSbody  IMG_4471 bodycurls

Transform limp, flat hair into voluminous curls

To start, set hair in rollers while the hair is wet. Hood-dry or blow-dry using ionic heat, for its conditioning properties, to dry hair. A cool blast will seal and set the cuticle. Try this style at home with no heat and air-dry.

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