Treasure Pin: Artisan Collection - Ten Piece Collaboration With My Sister's Closet | Sheena Style
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Treasure Pin: Artisan Collection – Ten Piece Collaboration With My Sister’s Closet

Treasure Pin: Artisan Collection – Ten Piece Collaboration With My Sister’s Closet

So I have completed the first ten-piece treasure pin collection that I’ve been so privileged to be able to collaborate on with My Sister’s Closet. This collaboration enables me to access jewelry that would have otherwise been thrown away or re-donated.

Raise funds with me..

What I love about eco-friendly fashion and being a part of the retail branch that raises funds for Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) is that I get to witness the generosity of the community, volunteers and donors who give for this cause. I’m part of a network that up-cycles and reduces waste from textiles and materials that find their way into landfills.

Now, you can access a piece of our creative and collective effort, channeled into each Treasure Pin, made unique and one of a kind. The ten-piece artisan collection is now available at My Sister’s Closet retail locations and online. Shop the collection in-store to pair with that thrifted denim jacket and make any look new again.

When you shop at My Sister’s Closet, you support the community and the cause. Learn more about My Sister’s Closet and the ways they help build support through housing and relief programs.

Get in touch

Contact me for info on special order Treasure Pin’s, or to schedule a wardrobe consultation. Whether you are preparing to donate pieces for the cause or thrift a few new ones, i can help you on your eco-fashion journey.