What to Wear in 15-Degree Weather: Your 5-Piece Capsule | Sheena Style
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What to Wear in 15-Degree Weather: Your 5-Piece Capsule

What to Wear in 15-Degree Weather: Your 5-Piece Capsule

Fifteen degrees might seem chilly, but it’s actually a pretty comfortable temperature—not too hot but not too cold, the perfect start to spring.  Still, this indeterminate forecast is difficult to dress for. Wear too thick a knit and you’ll feel flushed, but breezy, lightweight textures like linen might feel too cool on their own. Picking your outfit to suit the temperature makes these five foolproof suggestions the key to this years trans-seasonal ensemble.

For an alternative to that bulky winter coat or the hero piece you’ll consistently reach for over the next six months

This impressive outfit perfectly demonstrate what to wear in 15-degree weather. Find these suggested items in your wardrobe or shop key pieces you need to re-create this look.

Woven Cotton duster Coat – Free People: Off white, oversized fit with brown buttons and stitching offer rustic element that work with a quality timeless brown boot. The medium weight Cotton weave gives a casual west coast feel that is more cardigan than trench coat.

Orange Bucket Hat – Amazon: Iconic 90’s Hip Hop, a fashion classic you cant deny. The bucket hat looks good in any size or texture with the perfect amount of warmth and coverage for every season.

DIY – Tie Dye Home Kit: It’s clean, simple and fun, with so many ways to style tie dye, pick two colours and give those boring old leggings a new life.

Women’s Venise Riding Boots – Blondo: The name is sunonymous with quality, refinement and comfort. Waterproof, this Blondo boot is the perfect blend of fashion, function and will keep your feet dry in the wettest of conditions.

Penny Beaded Pouch – Free People: So Sweet in a slouchy, pouch-style and beaded design with drawstring closure and long braided strap. Pick a piece from your collection that is special to you. We only suggest that it brings sparkle to your outfit.